Ashayen is a young volunteer’s forum committed to the cause of Street Children as the most vulnerable section of children mass and working tirelessly for last Six years in the city of Bhubaneswar. This year it got the formal registration under Indian Trust Act. In 2014 some likeminded young social work students planned to observe National Street Children Day. During that programme they came across various children and a emotional bonding created with them. Since then the group decided to continue the work for these children as much possible by them. And the journey started. It is worth to mention that now we have been expanded to five areas in Bhubaneswar covering 160 nos. of street children in direct intervention and many more in different ways. Our major thrust is to provide basic education and life skill management learning to these unorganized mass for building rationality and decision making capacity for their life. There are lots of stories to show our impact on the lives of the children.